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Zakopane SOLD to: Cindy Lightfoot and her family from Edmond, Oklahoma

RPSI inspection in  Rome, GA

Sierra (only 4yrs old- she is daughter of Evita, and granddaughter of Sweetheart) and her very fancy first foal (colt) "Zakopane" (by Freedomhall)... Pictures by sherry smith at 3 wks old/may 2014.

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2014 Wesfalen/ISR stunning black and white pinto 16.0" gelding by Freedomhall/Sierra de Agalta.

FullSizeRender Image-1 (003) Morgan

Cindy’s family and Zakopane after arriving from Aiken, SC.

Morgan (the trainer) on Zakopane: showing/marketing for sale at Stable View horse trials in May- over her own Hitch & Tow sponsored jump!