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Equinos de Honduras



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EQUINOS de Honduras (part of UK based World Horse Welfare https://www.worldhorsewelfare.org/Home) Needs your Help!



Jean and friends included horse professionals have been conducting Honduran Mission Trips (http://www.goneawayfarm.net/blog/4594208337/A-Mission-Trip-of-a-Different-Kind/11271690?preview=Y;use_flash=1) over the past several years helping the EQUHS Brigade doing training and seminars throughout the whole country. We have relied on the generous donations of a few people, stores and associations. We are developing this fundraising page to reach out to more donors and assisting procuring more badly needed (and expensive ) equipment.



What’s needed:


Equine Medicine:






Dental and Other Needed Equipment

1.Ultrasound machine

2.Nasogastric tube

3.Dental speculum

4.Dental Power Float

5.Rasps and Other farrier tools (for blacksmiths)

6.Grooming Tools






Helping working horses and their owners in Honduras


"Continuing with our regional approach...training projects {carried out by EQUHS Brigade} in Honduras to tackle the major welfare concerns of the 130,000 working horses there. With over 4 million people living in remote villages, rural poverty in Honduras is the most severe in Central America." From WHW website.