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Freedomhall ~ 5-15-02 ~ 16.2HH ~  WESTPHALIAN and Approved RPSI

(Florestan I - Pathriesja - Calypso I - Etrichta)

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Standing at Stud - 05-15-02 ~ 16.2HH. Branded Westfalen, Approved RPSI. His Sire is Festrausch by Florestan. His Dam, Pathriesja is a Ster mare imported from Holland whose tail female line (Etrichta,Trichta, Katrichta Ster Stef Prest) is one of the most accomplished at Grand Prix Level for Holland in Worldwide competition.Bred from some of the finest and successful bloodlines in Europe. Freedom's temperament is a 10+. His conformation is correct and uphill; his movement is free and most powerful!

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